Will BMW E90 Wheels Fit F30?

The BMW E90 is a popular car model that was produced by the German automaker BMW from 2004-2013. The BMW F30 is the successor to the E90, and was introduced in 2012. Many car enthusiasts wonder if the wheels from the E90 will fit the F30. The answer is yes, the E90 wheels will fit the F30, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

What bolt pattern is BMW f30?

BMW’s F30 is available with a number of different bolt patterns. The most common option is a six-bolt pattern.

This pattern includes three bolts on the engine cover, three bolts on the firewall, and one bolt on the passenger side floor.

Do all BMW have same bolt pattern?

BMW’s use a 5×114.3 bolt pattern in the rear. Other manufacturers’ vehicles may use a different pattern, so it’s important to consult your vehicle’s owners manual.

Are all BMW wheels interchangeable?

It depends on the make and model of the BMW wheel. However, most BMW wheels are generally compatible with one another.

What stud pattern is a BMW e90?

There are many different stud patterns forBMWs, but the most common is the 5 stud pattern. This pattern consists of five round, chrome-plated studs evenly spaced along the vehicle’s body.

Are all BMW wheels 5×120?

It will depend on the exact make and model of BMW car you are inquiring about. However, generally speaking, BMW wheels are 5x120mm in size.

This means that they are approximately 54.3 inches in diameter.

What wheels fit BMW e90?

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Wheels for the BMW E90 are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Larger wheels may be necessary for better handling and stability, while smaller wheels may be more fuel efficient.

It is important to choose the right size and style of wheels for your BMW E90, in order to ensure a perfect fit.


The short answer is yes, BMW E90 wheels will fit F30 . With that said, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the offset on the E90 wheels is different from the offset on the F30, so you may need to do a little bit of research to make sure that your particular setup will work.

Secondly, the lug pattern on the E90 is also different from the lug pattern on the F30, so you’ll need to make sure that your lugs are compatible. Overall, though, it’s definitely possible to put E90 wheels on an F30.