What Is The Grill On A BMW Called?

The grill on a BMW is called a kidney grill. The kidney grill is a signature design element on BMW cars.

The grill is named after its kidney-shaped design. The kidney grill is made up of two kidney-shaped grilles that are placed side by side.

What is the BMW kidney grille?

The BMW kidney grille is a specific type of air intake grille found on BMW vehicles. It is a prominent feature on the front of many BMW models, and is often used to signify the luxury and performance of a BMW vehicle.

The kidney grille is designed to provide additional cooling airflow to the engine, and is typically made out of aluminum.

What kind of grill does a BMW 1500 have?

A BMW 1500 has a traditional charcoal grill.

What does BMW grill mean?

A BMW grill is a type of bodywork on a motor vehicle. It is a large, horizontal surface that covers most of the front of the car, below the windshield.

The purpose of the grill is to protect the engine from stones, dirt, and other objects that may be thrown up by the road.

Why do BMWs have grills?

There are a few reasons why BMWs have grills. One reason is that they help to keep the car cool.

The air flowing over the grill helps to cool the engine and transmission.

Another reason is that the grills are a sign of status. BMWs are often considered to be more expensive than other cars, and the grills help to show that the car is of a higher quality.

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Finally, the grills can help to protect the car from damage. If a car is hit from the side, the grill may be able to stop the impact more effectively than the car’s body.

Why does BMW have kidney grill?

BMW has kidney grill to improve air intake and exhaust. The kidney shaped grill separates the air flow in the engine compartment and directs it towards the turbocharger and exhaust pipes.

The increased air flow allows the engine to run cooler and increase fuel efficiency.

What is the BMW with the big grill?

The BMW with the big grill is the new 740i. It has a new look with a larger grill that is more in line with the other models in the lineup. The 740i also has a new engine that is said to be more efficient and powerful.

Why does the BMW 7 series have a humungous grille?

The BMW 7 series has a humungous grille because it is meant to convey power and status. The grille is a large, dominating feature on the car and is used to project an impression of strength and authority.

The large, imposing grille is also a visual statement of the car’s capabilities.

What is the modern design of the BMW grille?

The BMW grille has undergone a dramatic redesign in recent years. The most recent iteration, debuted on the 2016 BMW 3 Series, features a sleek, modern design with a reduced width and an overall more aggressive appearance.

The aim was to create a more striking and memorable presence on the road, and the results are evident in the car’s stellar sales figures.

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The design features a series of horizontal lines that run across the front of the car, and a prominent central area that features a pair of kidney-shaped air intakes. The overall effect is a sleek, modern look that is both powerful and sophisticated.

The reason for the redesign is simple: the old design looked dated and dated quickly. The new design is more modern, more striking, and more likely to stand out on the road.

It’s a design that is sure to turn heads, and it’s a design that BMW is confident will help the company retain its leadership position in the automotive world.


The grill on a BMW is called the kidney grille. This name comes from its shape, which is similar to that of a kidney.

The kidney grille is one of the most distinctive features of a BMW, and it helps to set the brand apart from other automakers.