What Is BMW Xirallic Paint?

BMW Xirallic paint is a type of paint that is used on BMW cars. It is a special type of paint that is made with glass flakes that give it a unique sparkle.

What makes BMW xirallic paint colours so special?

The BMW X1 xDrive 20d is available in a choice of five paint colours: Mineral White, Glacier Silver, Black Sapphire, Valencia Orange and Melbourne Red. All five colours are based on a unique and advanced polymer formula which creates a very smooth and glossy finish.

The paints have a high gloss and are very resistant to fading, water and dirt. The colours are also very long lasting, with a lifespan of up to six years.

What is BMW estoril blue metallic?

BMW Estoril Blue Metallic is a special type of paint that is used on select BMW models. It is a deep, dark blue color that is very reflective.

This paint is designed to enhance the appearance of the vehicle, making it look more sophisticated and luxurious. It is also very resistant to fading and discoloration, which is why it is generally used on luxury cars.

Why did ford stop using xirallic paint?

Ford stopped using xirallic paint because it was not meeting the company’s quality standards.

What is xirallic pigment?

Xirallic pigment is a type of pigment that is made from titanium dioxide and is used in paints, inks, and other products. It is very light-resistant and can be used to create a variety of colors.


BMW’s xirallic paint is a special type of paint that contains microscopic flakes of glass. These flakes give the paint a deep, rich color and amazing sparkle.

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The paint is also extremely durable and resistant to fading.