What Does The Li Mean In BMW 750Li?

The li in BMW 750li stands for long wheelbase. The long wheelbase version of the 7-series was introduced in 2001, and the li designation was added in 2007. The long wheelbase 7-series is designed for comfort, with more legroom for rear passengers.

Does the BMW 7 series have a diesel engine?

The BMW 7 series does not have a diesel engine.

What does il stand for in BMW?

The “iL” in BMW stands for “intelligent light.” The “iL” feature is a system that uses a series of sensors to figure out the surrounding environment and then adjusts the lighting to create a more comfortable and functional environment for the driver and passengers.

What’s the difference between a 750i and 750li BMW?

The 750i and 750li BMWs are two different models of the same car. The 750i has a more powerful engine than the 750li.

What does li mean on a BMW 7 series?

Liaison is the term used on a BMW 7 series to denote different types of communication between the car’s driver and passenger areas. The most common type of liaison is called ‘drive-by-wire’ or ‘D-B-W’. This system allows the driver to control the car using a controller on the steering wheel, without the use of cables connected to the pedals or the steering wheel.

Liaison systems are also used in commercial vehicles to allow the driver to control the vehicle using hand signals or a joystick.

Is BMW 750li a good car?

The BMW 750li is a great car for those who are looking for a luxury vehicle. It offers great fuel economy and is very reliable.

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Additionally, the 750li is a great choice for those who are looking for a car that can handle a lot of traffic and be comfortable for long trips.

What does mean on BMW li?

The “BMW LI” stands for “Luxury Interior” and is a trim level that is offered on select BMW models. It features a nicer interior with higher quality materials and a more luxurious feel.

The BMW LI trim level is not available on all models, and it may not be available on all trim levels.

What does the prefix l mean on a BMW?

The prefix “l” in BMW stands for “luxury.”

How much is a BMW 750 li?

A BMW 750Li is a luxury car that typically costs between $130,000 and $225,000.


The “li” in BMW 750li stands for “long wheelbase”. The long wheelbase version of the 7-series is slightly longer than the regular version, providing more legroom for passengers in the back seat. This makes the 750li ideal for those who often have passengers in the back seat, or who simply want more room to stretch out on long trips.