How Do I Find The Paint Color Of My BMW?

The paint color of a BMW can be found in a few different places. The most obvious place to look is on the outside of the car.

If the paint is in good condition, the color should be easy to spot. Another place to look is in the owner’s manual.

This should have a section that lists the paint colors available for the car. Finally, the dealer should be able to provide the paint color information.

Where is the paint code on a BMW 472?

The paint code on a BMW 472 is “W.”

Can i find paint color by vin number?

Yes, one can find paint colors by Vin number. In order to do so, one must first know the base color of the vehicle.

Once the base color is known, one can then find the appropriate Vin number for the paint that one desires.

Here is an example: A car with a base color of black would need Vin number 1 or 2, while a car with a base color of green would need Vin number 3 or 4.

Can you find paint code by registration?

Yes, paint code can be found by registration. The paint code is a numeric code that is assigned to a particular paint color.

This code can be found on the bottom of the can or on the label of the paint.

How do i find my BMW colour code?

BMW color codes can be found on the driver’s door jamb. The most common codes are:

Black: E60

Gray: E61

Silver: E62

Gold: E63

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The color of a BMW can also be found on the car’s exterior. Exterior colors include:

Alpine White: W12

Black Sapphire: W13

Coral Blue: X5

Dark Brown: X6

Light Brown: X7

Mint Green: X8

Pacific Blue: X9

Red: S40

Sienna: S41

Silver Gray: S42

There are also special editions, such as the i8, which come in a variety of colors.

How do i find the color of my car paint?

Finding the color of your car’s paint is easy if you know the basics. First, identify the car’s make and model.

This will help you to locate the paint code. Once you have the paint code, use the car’s color chart to find the color.

Where do i find the paint code on my BMW?

The BMW Paint Code is a three-digit number located on the driver’s side door sill, usually in white lettering. This code identifies the specific paint color for your BMW. If the code is missing, the paint color is usually black.

How to get paint code from vin number?

There is not a universal way to obtain paint code from a vehicle’s Vin number. However, some common methods include contacting a paint supplier or receiving information from a dealership.

How do i find the paint code on my vin?

The paint code on a car is a unique identifier assigned by the manufacturer to identify the color of the car. This code is usually found on a sticker on the inside of the car door.


If you would like to find the paint color of your BMW, there are a few ways that you can go about doing so. First, you can check your car’s owner’s manual.

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This should have information on the paint color code for your specific vehicle. If you do not have your owner’s manual, you can also look for a sticker on the inside of your car door that should have the paint color code listed.

Finally, if you are still unable to find the paint color code for your BMW, you can contact a local BMW dealership and they should be able to assist you further.