Has BMW Discontinued Z4?

The BMW Z4 is a sports car that was introduced by the German automaker BMW in 2002. The Z4 replaced the Z3 in the BMW lineup . It was produced until 2016 when it was discontinued.

When did BMW stop making z4?

BMW stopped producing the Z4 in the early 2000s, but this does not mean that the car is no longer available for purchase. There are still many Z4s out there , and they can be found used or new.

Will the BMW z4/supra be cut?

BMW has not announced any plans to discontinue the Z4/Supra , but there is no guarantee that they will continue to make them. Cars like the Z4/Supra are typically produced for only a few years and then retired, so it is possible that BMW may eventually stop producing them.

Is BMW set to kill off the z4 roadster in 2025?

BMW is rumored to be canceling the production of the Z4 Roadster in 2025. This would be a huge loss for enthusiasts of the Z4 Roadster and for BMW as a whole. The Z4 Roadster was a popular sports car that was able to offer great performance and features for a relatively affordable price.

The Z4 Roadster was also a unique car in the BMW lineup, as it was the only model in the lineup that was not based on a sedan platform. If the Z4 Roadster is canceled, it will be a major loss for enthusiasts of BMW sports cars and for BMW as a whole.

Does the BMW z4 have problems?

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The BMW Z4 has been in production since 2004 and has been met with mixed reviews from enthusiasts and professionals. Some of the common complaints about the Z4 include its lackluster performance, difficulty maintaining its value, and its high price tag.

While the Z4 is not without its flaws, it does offer some unique features and driving experience that may be worth considering if you are in the market for a sports car.

How many z4 are left?

The z4 is a discontinued phone model. As of November 2018, there are only 9,000 z4 phones remaining in the world.

Is this the end of the mercedes benz z4 cabrio?

Mercedes-Benz recently announced that the second generation of the Z4 Cabrio will be the final model in the line. The current Z4 Cabrio debuted in 2009, and the model has been in continuous production since then.

Mercedes-Benz plans to discontinue the Z4 Cabrio in order to focus on more profitable models.

The Z4 Cabrio is a stylish and popular sports car. It is available in both coupe and convertible bodystyles.

The coupe is available in two engine options: a 3.0-liter V-6 or a 4.0-liter V-8. The convertible is available in a 4.0-liter V-8 or a 5.0-liter V-10.

The Z4 Cabrio is comfortable and practical. It has a spacious interior and impressive handling.

The convertible model is especially popular because it can be converted to a sports car in just a few minutes. The Z4 Cabrio is a good choice for drivers who want a stylish and practical sports car.

Is 2020 BMW z4 a good car?

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2020 BMW Z4 is a high-performance sports car that was introduced in the year 2020. The car is powered by a 3.0-liter inline-six engine that generates 315 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque. The 2020 BMW Z4 also comes with a six-speed manual transmission as well as a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic.

The 2020 BMW Z4 can accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 4.4 seconds and can reach a top speed of 155 mph. The car also features a number of other impressive features, such as a sportier suspension, a sleek design, and excellent fuel economy.

Overall, the 2020 BMW Z4 is a high-performance sports car that is sure to impress car enthusiasts.

When will the last BMW z4 be made?

The last BMW Z4 will most likely be made in 2020.


There is no confirmation that BMW has discontinued the Z4 at this time. The car was last updated in 2016, so it is possible that BMW has decided to discontinue the model, but this has not been confirmed.

If you are interested in purchasing a Z4, you should check with a local dealer to see if they have any models available.