Does 2012 BMW X5 Have 3Rd Row Seating?

The 2012 BMW X5 is a mid-size luxury SUV that seats up to seven passengers. It has two rows of seating for five passengers and a third row that seats two passengers.

The third row is optional and can be added for an additional cost.

Does 2011 BMW x5 have 3rd row?

The BMW X5 was introduced in 2011 and does not have a 3rd row of seats.

How many seats does the BMW 2 series have?

The BMW 2 Series comes in a range of bodystyles including a coupe, convertible, and sedan. All variants come with a total of four seats.

Do BMW x5 have 3rd row seating?

The BMW X5 has three rows of seating, but the third row is not an option. The third row is only available as an add-on for the BMW X5 xDrive40i and BMW X5 xDrive50i.

What year did BMW x5 add 3rd row?

The BMW X5 was first introduced in 2005, so it would have been in that year that it added a third row of seats.

What year did x5 get 7 seats?

X5 got 7 seats in 2006.

Does the BMW x5 have a third row seat?

The BMW X5 has a third row seat, but it’s not available as an option. The third row seat can only be accessed by removing the second row seat.

Is the BMW x5 a 7-seater?

The BMW X5 is a large, luxury SUV that can seat up to seven passengers. It is not a 7-seater, however.

The X5 has a large, third row of seats that can seat up to three additional passengers.

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Which BMW has three rows and can seat seven people?

The BMW 730i has three rows of seats and can seat seven people.


Yes, the 2012 BMW X5 does have third row seating. This SUV seats up to seven people and offers plenty of legroom and headroom for all passengers.

With its spacious interior and comfortable seats, the X5 is a great choice for families or groups who need transportation for long trips.