Can I Put Staggered Wheels On Awd BMW?

The short answer is yes, you can put staggered wheels on an all-wheel drive BMW. This is because the all-wheel drive system is designed to work with a wide variety of wheel sizes and offsets. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you decide to go this route.

First, the wheels must be of the same size and offset in order to avoid damaging the all-wheel drive system. Second, you will need to have the wheels properly balanced and aligned in order to avoid any issues.

Why are BMW wheels staggered?

Staggered wheel designs are typically used on high-performance vehicles, such as BMWs. The staggered design allows the wheel to be placed closer to the ground, which improves handling and stability. Additionally, the staggered design also allows for a larger front tire, which improves grip and cornering.

Can you do staggered wheels for awd?

Staggered wheel designs offer improved fuel economy and handling in AWD applications. In a standard wheel configuration, the front and rear wheels are situated side by side on the axle.

This layout keeps the wheel hubs in line with each other and results in a more efficient use of the vehicle’s power. However, when the vehicle undergoes a turn, the wheel hubs are no longer in line with each other and the power is wasted.

A staggered wheel design solves this problem by placing the front and rear wheels on different axles. This layout allows the wheel hubs to be spaced further apart, which results in more power being used when the vehicle turns.

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Staggered wheel designs also offer improved handling in off-road situations because they distribute the weight more evenly across the tire’s surface.

Do staggered wheels make a difference?

One common variation in bicycle wheel construction is the use of staggered wheels. This means that the wheel diameters are not evenly spaced around the axle.

Staggered wheels may offer a few benefits over traditional wheels. First, they may offer a slightly smoother ride.

Additionally, staggered wheels may be better suited for cornering, as they can provide a more stable platform. However, there is no definitive research that suggests staggered wheels make a difference in performance.

Can you put staggered wheels on an all wheel drive BMW?

Staggered wheels are typically used on passenger cars that have all wheel drive because it gives the car more traction in wet or snowy conditions. It is not typically used on sports cars or luxury vehicles because they are not typically used in conditions that would necessitate the use of staggered wheels.


The staggered wheel setup on a BMW is not recommended for an AWD car. The front and rear wheels are different sizes, which can cause problems with the AWD system.