6 Reasons of BMW 6 Series So Cheap [Explained]

BMW managed to create the 6 Series with a sleek design and powerful engines, nevertheless, the question is how can you find in the market series 6 with low prices?

after reading and advising some experts, I come into the conclusion, that are several reasons for this, including car design, engine structure, production line, reliability issues, maintenance costs, and high oil consumption


BMW 6 Series’ design is one of the reasons for its low prices. Although they arestylish, they are not as attractive as some of the other models in the BMW series. this can make them less appealing to buyers looking for a more eye-catching vehicle.

Engine Structure

Another reason for the low prices is engine structure. the cars are equipped with inline-six engines, which are less complex and less expensive to produce than the V8 engines found in other BMW models.

Production Line

The BMW 6 Series is produced in different factory than other BMW models, which can also contribute to the lower prices. The production line for the 6 Series is less expensive than the lines for more popular BMW models like the 3 Series and 5 Series.

Reliability Issues

BMW 6 Series cars have reliability issues , which contribute to their lower prices as well.  BMW experts reported problems with the electronic systems and issues with their engines.

Maintenance Costs

BMW 6 Series requires premium gasoline and synthetic oil, which can add to the cost of  car service.

High Oil Consumption

BMW 6 Series cars are known for consuming a high amount of oil, which can also add to their maintenance costs. Owners will need to check and add oil more frequently than they would with other cars.

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